Link Building And The Road To Improve SEO

Link Building is the most important google ranking factor .

link building for seo

When B2B marketers will a well-documented strategy are bound to be more effective, creating valuable content becomes all the more important.

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Speaking of importance, including links within reader-focused content is an incredibly important aspect of the content creation process.

In fact, search engines regularly use links as the basis for discovering how pages are related to each other and how these pages should be ranked in the SEO results.

Did you know that in a recent LookBookHQ poll, 44 percent of marketers sited content production as their biggest challenge?


Why Is Link Building Important To SEO?

Links are an important aspect to creating valuable content that has a great SEO rating. Through links, search engines are able to analyze the perceived popularity of individual webpages, as well as entire website.

Links also help search engines to better determine if a website is trustworthy or “an authority” on a specific subject mater.

Finally, through links search engines can best determine if websites have any unwanted “spam-like” qualities. In short, through links a website can more effectively increase its SEO ranking, while simultaneously being placed in-front of an awaiting audience of readers, consumers, and other businesses.

What Do Links Signal To Search Engines?

The statistics are in, just as the majority of consumers prefer to receive a text message from their favorite companies, so too does a search engine prefer to give higher rankings to websites with a successful link building architecture. In fact, as part of their SEO significance, links signal a few things to the search engines.

  • Global Popularity — The more popular that a website is, the greater the importance of the links used within the content. For example, Wikipedia has hundreds of thousands of diverse sites linking to it, which signals to the search engines that the site is probably popular and important. Through a successful linking campaign you can increase the authority that a search engine assigns to your website.
  • Local And Topic-Specific Popularity — The next level of popularity that a search engine assigns to a website is its “local” or “topic-specific” popularity level. This level of popularity relates to the actual quality and types of links that are pointing to your website. For example, if you sell Real Estate, then a link from a national Real Estate organization is far more important than a link from a site about rock climbing. In short, the relevance of the links matters.
  • Anchor Text — Search engines rely on the link’s anchor text. To put this in perspective, if dozens of links point to a specific page with appropriate keywords, then the page is more likely to have a higher SEO ranking for the targeted keyword (or phrase) that is used within the anchor text.
  • Trust Ranking — Search engines want to send their users to trust-worthy websites. They don’t want a user to become frustrated by spam website results. As a result, links are an important signal to the search engines regarding the trustworthiness of a website. Earning links from a highly-trusted domain is a great way to boost your website’s trustworthiness, as well as its SEO ranking.
  • Social Sharing — When it comes to boosting a website’s SEO, you can’t escape the importance of social sharing. In fact, social sharing is also important to the effectiveness of a link building campaign. Through effective Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn links, you can help to improve your site’s SEO ranking, while simultaneously diversifying the manner with which you attract readers, consumers, and other businesses to your website.

The Bottom Line: Link Building Can And Will Boost SEO Results

It is no secret that link building is an art form. Just as a targeted mass SMS campaign can help you to more effectively reach your intended audience, so too can a link building campaign help you to improve your search traffic.

Once you begin to incorporate link building into your content marketing strategy, you will be surprised to see the manner with which your website’s SEO ranking improves.


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